NOW THIS IS SUPER EXCITED!!!!! The long awaited Sisterfields Jakarta is opening this Saturday, March 10th 2018 at PIK Avenue and yours truly got the very first exclusive preview of this uber famous Bali cafe and I am actually typing this post here as we're still having a meeting for the grand opening (and I happen to be one of the host). Do note that this wouldn't be a full review of the restaurant as the restaurant's still doing some construction (posted the progress on my Instagram Stories) and perfecting the food, this was a private food tasting session and I'd like to give you guys the sneak preview of some of my favorite dishes and what you can expect here, including some new menus that's only available in their Jakarta outlet.
The positive response to the previous Tokyo posts have been a bliss for me and I am now even more excited in sharing my experience and stories from the trip with you!